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Safely and easily chop or slice difficult food items including pumpkins !

  • Improves kitchen safety as the knife is securely locked into place during use so no more dangerous, out of control knives!
  • Enables those challenged by strength, weak wrists, arthritis and some disabilities to safely, securely and easily chop, slice and prepare difficult to cut produce simply by using our leverage principle
  • Simple assembly so it’s quick and easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean
  • Improves kitchen safety as the specially designed knife is securely locked into place during use (knife can be removed for cleaning)
  • Compact - ideal for use on the boat or for camping
  • Lightweight and strong - base is made from strong polycarbonate, so it’s long lasting yet easy to handle
  • Base has non slip rubber-feet so it won't slide around on the bench and a small pin-like surface to aid in the gripping of larger produce
  • Quality stainless steel knife - removable, heavy duty, uniquely designed, which only needs sharpening maybe once a year, depending on use, as you are not using a backwards and forwards cutting motion with it, which causes bluntness
  • Insert tray with produce guide for easy slicing of smaller produce, just like a pro!