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Handy Hints

  • The Knife:

At a 45 degree angle, insert the knife into the locking mechanism. Push and click. Your knife is now "securely locked into place

  • Chopping/slicing larger produce:

Make sure the Easy Slicer is placed on your bench up close to your person - you should be standing square on to it (almost standing over it) as you will be using your weight as leverage to slice hard produce - not putting the pressure on your hands, wrist or arms. The knife should be at a horizontal angle to your body.

Hold the edge of the produce on the side nearest to you while leaning your body evenly into and over the cut.

Pumpkins maximum recommended size 200mm diameter to cut in half. For larger sizes, cut off the outer side of the produce first and whittle it down from there

  • Slice off pumpkin or other hard skin

Place the insert tray into the base. Hold the edge of the produce on an angle ad slice the skin off while rotating the produce to remove all the skin.