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The Easy Slicer was invented by New Zealand born Ken Burton, a builder by trade, in 2001, as a solution to help his wife Mirella, cut and slice up a pumpkin herself with ease. Finding it a struggle in the kitchen at times, she did not have the strength to do it herself. Of course Mirella’s request for help was not always at a convenient time for Ken, especially if the All Blacks Rugby team were playing – and so, as an avid pumpkin soup lover and “problem fixer” he came up with The Easy Slicer!

A solution for them both!

It took Ken hours and hours of work and testing to design the Easy Slicer which he juggled in between building jobs. Determined Ken solved the puzzle in the end, by designing a tool that utilised a leverage system which aided those lacking the strength and with a specially designed knife that would lock into place during use. This feature saves people from nasty cuts and dangerous out of control knives! Ken proceeded to have the moulds designed for manufacturing and production.

Initially Ken and Mirella introduced his product through local Home Shows demonstrating its usefulness in not just chopping pumpkin but also other hard or difficult to cut produce like watermelon, kumara (sweet potato), carrots, cucumber, potatoes, whole avocados, parsnip, taro, semi-frozen boneless meat or sausages, for example. It was received so well and with so much enthusiasm and thanks by everyone ranging from men and women who just love cooking and needed a better kitchen aid, to arthritis sufferers, people with weak wrists or arms and other disabilities!

The Easy Slicer is a family business and Ken has the dedication, time and help of family to aid in promoting this wonderful kitchen tool to New Zealander’s and the world. Ken has handed over the main running of the business to his middle daughter Rochelle and their son-in-law Matt, husband to their youngest daughter Elissa.

We (the family) really hope you enjoy using our product The Easy Slicer!

It’s easy and safe to use and may it help you, as it has so many others!

The Easy Slicer: Marketed by Peeta Peeta Marketing (NZ) Limited and manufactured by Melken Enterprises (NZ) Limited...now based in Wanganui!