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Life changing!

Product: The Original Peeta Peeta Easy Slicer
Posted By: Kat 

I am thrilled with my new Easy Slicer! With Rheumatoid Arthritis, I've been waiting for for a long time for something like this to come along. It makes light work of cutting hard foods like pumpkins and is easy to wash and store. The Easy Slicer has an ingenious design, is simple to use, and works efficiently without causing pain in my hands. It also makes me feel a lot safer cutting slippery pumpkins than the usual method.

The customer service is also excellent - prompt delivery and helpful staff. I cannot recommend this product enough! My elderly Mum wants one now!


I have only used it once so far and it is the best thing since pumpkin soup! I usually dread cutting into a whole pumpkin let alone one that has already been sectioned. Now I'm buying pumpkin just so I can have another go!
Thanks very much. Coralie Eichler

I have owned an Easy Slicer for over 4yrs and have to say how impressed I am with the excellent quality of the knife. It has stayed sharp for all of this time. It is absolutely brilliant when used to cut up pumpkin and I find that I use it for cutting up other vegetables as well. An added quality of the Easy Slicer is the insert tray which allows for extra ease without the need to use extra pressure when cutting. Having an Easy Slicer makes me relaxed about using a large knife as it is safe.  Jessica from Cambridge.

Thank you, I received the Easy Slicer on Friday and gave it to my father today for Fathers Day. He is absolutely rapt with it and thinks it is a very clever invention and it will help him cut up his veg a lot easier as he has arthritis in his hands. He is looking forward to using it. Rosemary Nutsford

I have owned an Easy Slicer for about 10yrs and during that time it has been used constantly for cutting up pumpkin and other vegetables. I buy a whole pumpkin as it is less expensive than the cut up pieces from the Supermarket wrapped in glad wrap.

The Easy Slicer knife cuts simply and efficiently without effort whereas in times before owning an Easy Slicer I had huge difficulty cutting a pumpkin with an ordinary knife and always had to be mindful that I might cut myself.

I also use the Easy Slicer for cutting up watermelon to any thickness that I want. Two great features of the Easy Slicer are the superb quality of the knife as well as the insert tray which allows for a firm and secured position for slicing. Pamela R

I started using the Easy Slicer in 2003 and I have used it constantly ever since. It is a wonderful appliance for slicing pumpkin as well as other vegetables including melons.

The easy knife cuts smoothly with minimal effort and the pumpkin doesn’t wobble around as was the case before I started to use the Easy Slicer.

As I look back over the many years without my Easy Slicer I shudder as I remember the knife cuts which would invariably occur while endeavouring to cut pumpkin.

There were times when my large kitchen knife would get stuck in the pumpkin and I couldn’t lever it out and I couldn’t get enough pressure to cut through. So…..I would kneel down on the floor raising my arm high and then with a mighty ‘heave ho’ bring the pumpkin with embedded knife to the floor, hoping and praying the pumpkin would spilt.

Attached to all of that drama was the stress. Firstly the apprehension that the pumpkin might ricochet off and break something or even worse that, I could hurt myself with the large kitchen knife.

Because I am so impressed with the Easy Slicer, I have given all my family and special friends an Easy Slicer. Everyone, without exception has exclaimed how wonderfully efficient and safe the Easy slicer is to use.Pam T

The Peeta Peeta Easy Slicer is just marvellous. Makes chopping pumpkin a dream, in fact it chops any hard vegetable in no time.

I have now ordered two more Easy Slicers for friends and it is not even their birthday!

I recommend it to anyone that it is a good buy – value for money and a good addition to any kitchen. Mrs AM Burnett

I just want to say a big ‘thank you’ for my Easy Slicer – it sure has made preparing veges etc so much easier for me. I cut up some very large carrots and parsnips for the freezer and soup on the very first days and did not suffer the usual excruciating pains in my arthritic wrists and hands nearly as much – it was ‘heaven’. Mrs MH Gibbs

I feel I must write and let you know how very useful I have found the Easy Slicer to be. I have arthritis in my hands and have always had pain and great difficulty slicing the ‘hard’ veges such as pumpkin and carrot, not to mention the raw chicken necks that my cat so enjoys! The Easy Slicer makes these jobs easy and painless and I can highly recommend it! Mrs C Waldron

I would like to tell you how pleased I am with my Easy Slicer which I purchased awhile ago. In fact, that is why I have just ordered a second Easy Slicer for our daughter. It makes cutting pumpkins very easy and safe. I have also cut up semi-frozen meat. I will constantly recommend it to other people!  Pat H

Just a note to tell you that my life has been made a lot easier. I used to battle to cut up our pumpkin but since I bought your invention, it’s just a breeze. We also bought some for wedding presents and took it over to Australia – they just love it! One has just been sent over to South Africa! Needless to say, I think more will follow. It doesn’t just cut pumpkin but even semi frozen meat and things, so portion size is no problem anymore. What a brilliant idea!! K van Zyl