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Every kitchen needs one

Now it's easy to chop, slice or carve a whole pumpkin (up to 20cm in diameter) for your favourite pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup recipe!  Even better....The Peeta Peeta Easy Slicer can also be used for potatoes, kumara, sweet potato, pineapples, helps separate frozen slices of bread or hash browns, slice up partially frozen meat...and lots more!

Ever since 2001 when The Easy Slicer was launched to the world, we’ve heard some horrific kitchen stories about how people have tried to cut pumpkins before The Easy Slicer was invented. From throwing them from a great height, to swinging them and the knife or even an axe, above their heads…and predictably we’ve been shown the scars and wounds when it’s gone wrong.  Not to mention it can really be painful for some people who suffer from weak hands, wrists or arms and arthritis.

Now that doesn’t need to happen, because The Easy Slicer uses a clever leverage principle and allows even the weakest person to safely and easily cut pumpkins in half up to 20cm in diameter. For larger pumpkins or other large produce, please start cutting from the outer edge and gradually whittle it down.