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We will donate $5 to Arthritis New Zealand for every Easy Slicer we sell off our website! arthritis-appeal-logo.jpg

Need extra strength to chop pumpkins and all those hard to cut vegetables?

If you need a little extra help to chop veges then you’ll be delighted to know that the Easy Slicer was developed by Ken for his wife who had always struggled to cut pumpkins and hard to cut veges. Perfect if you have weak wrists or arthritis or other ailments that make this task difficult, hazardous and unpleasant.

Remove the pain and tension from your wrists, hands and arms with The Easy Slicer. Free, uniquely designed knife included, locks into place during use, no more cuts and painful struggles!

The Easy Slicer is guaranteed to make this task so much easier and will mean that you can enjoy preparing and eating delicious meals at home without the pain and hassle.